"That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

- Dean Ambrose, probably
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i’m on the edge with you (roman reigns/brie bella) post raw 8/25/14

Putting his hands on a woman was something Roman Reigns would never do.

He might have been seconds away from throwing a cinder block at Seth, but putting his hands on a woman had never even crossed his mind.

Until now. Until he was standing backstage in front of a monitor watching as King tried to reconcile Brie and Nikki.

Nikki had taken things too far; shouting that she wished Brie had died in the womb, that she was dead to her, and it took everything inside the big man not to rush into that ring as Brie broke down.

Nikki was lucky as hell King and the refs were the ones in there after she attacked Brie.

For the first time, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to keep his hands to himself.

Even though, he knew if he touched her, he’d be no better than that worm Orton who RKO’d Stacey Kiebler and Stephanie once upon a time.

His fists were clenched tight as Nikki stormed through the curtain, huffing and puffing.

He stepped right into her path, glowering at her, arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Don’t get in my face, Reigns. Go out there and save your poor precious," She put on a mocking tone, fake sobs escaping. "Baby Brie."

"Who the fuck do you think you are? I’ll tell you who you are Nikki; you’re nothing but a petty, jealous punk who wants all the shine for herself. And you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Including humiliating your own flesh and blood, your twin. You’re disgusting."

"Get off your high horse. You were about to throw a cinder block at Rollins, if he hadn’t gotten away. Brie hasn’t come close to getting what she deserves for abandoning me, for choosing your wannabe Rock-ass over me by quitting at Payback, so step off."

"Just a little word to the wise, Nicole. Brie ain’t gonna stay down forever. She’ll get back on her feet, and be standing tall in that ring."

"Keep telling yourself that, but I know Brianna, and she’s going to run and hide in the corner and cry like the weak little bitch she is."

"If that’s what you really think then you don’t know her as well as you think you do. Don’t set your sights on Paige or AJ cause you got Brie to deal with, and you best believe that."


"Go away! Seriously, Nattie, Naomi, just go away!"

"It’s me; open up, baby girl."

"I’m not letting you see me like this, Roman. It’s bad enough the entire world saw Nikki toss me around and beat me with her fists and shoes while I cried. I don’t need you to see the damage she’s done, too."

"I’ll bust the door down. You know I will, so just let me in."

Roman’s heart broke at the sight of Brie. She looked so small and her body was trembling, as she was obviously struggling not to cry once again.

"Brie…" Easily he folded her lithe frame into his impressive arms, holding her close as she buried her face against his chest, sniffling.

"I just don’t understand. I thought Nikki knew I had to stand up for you and Seth and Dean, that you were my man and supporting you is what I was supposed to do because I’m your lady. The last thing I ever wanted was her to be punished with handicap match after handicap match. How was I supposed to know Stephanie would go all Wicked Witch?"

"That don’t matter now. What matters now is showing Nikki that she can’t push you around like this. Now’s the time to stand tall, to prove you’re the better Bella Twin."

"I don’t know if I can." Brie admitted, rubbing her nose into Roman’s vest. "I don’t want to hurt her. I just want my sister back. It was us against the world…."

"Get your head in the game, baby girl, cause Nikki’s out for blood. She wants all that shine for herself, and you gotta make sure she gets none. I sat back long enough and let Ambrose get his crack at Rollins, now it’s my turn, and he ain’t curb stomping me onto some cinder blocks. Just like Nikki’s not gonna get the best of you."

Brie let out a shaky breath pulling away to stare into Roman’s grey eyes. They were sharp and determined, harsh like the eye of a raging hurricane, and if she didn’t trust him with her life, she would’ve been afraid.

Instead, the look on his face made her feel empowered. He believed in her. He was telling her not to run from Nikki, that she wasn’t this weak little flower her sister was making her out to be. She was strong and capable, and her sister needed to remember that.

"You’re right." Brie’s chocolate eyes narrowed and her lips became set in a determined line. "Nikki says I was holding her back, that all I’ve ever wanted was the spot light, well I’m going to show her."

"Get your Brie Mode on, and show your punk ass sister who runs the show."


It might have been a match against Paige, the next night on Main Event, but for Brie the match might as well have been against Nikki.

Grabbing the Brit by her long hair, she shoved her hard into the post, her head slamming hard and the crowd letting out a low “oooooh.”

"This is clearly," said Michael Cole. "A message for Brie’s sister Nikki. This is not about beating Paige the Diva’s Champion, this is about showing Nikki what could happen to her next time they’re in the ring together."

"Oh, and a spear by Brie!" JBL crowed. "And I think Paige is down for the count!"

"Your winner, Brie Bella!"

Snatching the microphone from Justin Roberts, Brie stood in front of Paige’s limp body, and smiled at the camera.

"Nikki… Nikki…" She cooed, her voice soft and sweet. "I know you’re backstage and I know you saw the match, I just hope you’re ready. You think I’m trying to steal your spot light, that all I’ve done is hold you back, well, we’ll see. I’ve come around to the cold, hard truth, I don’t have a sister. Just an enemy, and that’s you. So come out, come out wherever you are, and be prepared to settle this once and for all; who’s the better Bella Twin. I’ll give you a hint," Brie stepped onto Paige’s stomach, for good measure. "It’s me, and you better believe that!"

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 Uzo Aduba attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Uzo Aduba attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for ‘Veep’ and kisses actor Bryan Cranston onstage at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 25, 2014 i

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